Loan Rates


Effective as of: JUNE 1, 2014

Loan Type Approximate Term (Months) APR* Daily Periodic Rate
Automobile Loans
New and Used Automobile Loan Rates Rates are based on Credit Reporting Beacon Score    
725 or above New and Used Car Purchases 2.90% 0.005205
725 or above Refinancing existing loans 2.90% 0.007945
675-724   3.50% 0.009589
600-674   4.90% 0.013425
599 and below   14.00% 0.038356
Automobile Terms of Finance
Year Model Listed Below      
2014-2014 Up to 72 Months    
2012-2013 Up to 60 Months    
2010-2011 Up to 48 Months    
2008-2009 Up to 36 Months    
Share Secured Loans
Up to 60 Months   3.00% 0.008219
Motorcycles, Boats and Campers
Up to 60 Months   5.75% 0.01575
Signature Loans 
Credit Score
625 and above   12.00% 0.032877
600-624   15.00% 0.041096
599 and below   18.00% 0.043915
Application Fees: A fee of $25.00 will be charged at the initial advance of your loan to cover the cost of processing the loan. This fee will be imposed every 6 months upon advances.
Filing Fee: A lien filing fee will be charged at the time of the advance if the credit union takes a security interest in the collateral. The amount of the filing fee will be disclosed on the loan voucher.
Collection: You promise to pay all court cost of collecting the amount you owe under this contract including court cost and reasonable attorney fees.


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